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Yes, you can lose over 30 lbs in 30 days!
"I lost 80 lbs and 5 dress sizes with the HCG weight lose program and HCG delivered everything promised and more! I feel fantastic!
             Sherry Sorensen

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Why do clinics and health practioners buy their HCG kits from Celeste Pure HCG For Health?

<>JUST LAST WEEK ALONE (February 21-27th ) HEALTH AND DIET CLINICS placed orders for 48, 50, 24 and 15 kits from us. Many others ordered from 2 to 10 sets. Of course they'll probably mark up the price 300% to 500% plus their clinic fees! But those clients STILL will be happy for the life transformation that will come. Nothing is a bargain if it doesn't work. In fact, it just is depressing when it doesn't leaving you feeling helpless and defeated.

Our sublingual HCG is THE most potent you can buy and is made with the most expensive form of HCG - obtained only from USA human sources. Our TOTAL kit also includes ingredients you do not find anywhere else. Germanium Sesquiodixe - also one othe most expensive of all supplements. AT NO CHARGE we include the well-known Acai capsules and AT NOT CHARGE the total spectrum thyroid glandular support compound. We not only will give you a link to the HCG Protocol, but also include a very convenient HCG diet book - plus a larger HCG diet receipt book online. 

THERE ARE REASONS that doctors and practioners order from us including those above!

We are NOT a con-job business. We are NOT multi-level marketing. We are NOT affiliate sellers.

We aren't like the other HCG websites you see. Look carefully first (BUT BOOKMARK OUR PAGE OR PUT IT ON YOUR DESKTOP SO YOU CAN COME BACK.)

HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT? You can check it for yourself! Really, here's how:

Search "HCG" on the search engines. Click on ALL the websites at the top and top of the sides. Most of those are the scam and affiliate websites. They use fake medical doctor pictures. They want you to subscribe to some monthly fee. They claim to offer a "free trial" - but want your ATM / Credit card because it isn't free at all. They don't offer a total kit at all. But the are super expensive anyway. See for yourself before deciding.

We DO NOT put up photos of fake medical doctors. We DO NOT try to get you to subscribe to some monthly fee. We DO NOT try to do the scam "FREE TRIAL OFFER" to then hit your bank or credit card for extreme charges (most do that every month then too!) We DO NOT use HCG made from rodents or imported from China. (Don't fall for "made in America" claims. That doesn't mean their HCG is from the United States or from Human sources. It just means the individual bottles were filled here.)

The reason clinics order from us is they look PAST the hype and fake pictures and all the scam stuff. They know what matters in terms of what works. And they had ordered from us before so they know it's legit. Isn't that what MOST matters?

What is the difference between the homeopathic HCG others sell and what you offer?

Others generally are selling only homeopathic 12X 30X and 60X HCG. Some won't even tell you what they are actually selling. Celeste' HCG is not only additionally 1M as the maximum potency homeopathic HCG.

Celeste's HCG also has a mega-dose of 1,100 mmg of pure HCG. NO ONE else offer this.


For example, Celeste's HCG is derived ONLY from USA Human sources. Most HCG is produced from laboratory mice and rats and then synthetically altered to be able to claim it is H (Human) CG, when it is not.

Celeste's HCG also is certified to have been tested by FDA methods to be disease free.

 What is HCG?

HCG is the hormone that is produced in the first trimester of pregnancy. Real HUMAN HCG is VERY expensive! (That's why most are only selling synthetic HCG produced from mice and rats).


During the first trimester of a pregnancy, the unborn child grows in size at an astronomical rate. A single combined cell becomes trillions of cells (trillions of times larger) in less than 3 months. This means that enormous amounts of calories are being used and burned. BUT the unborn child obviously cannot eat or swallow - meaning the unborn child cannot not have any sense of appetite or desire to eat and swallow.

The result is massive using of calories without and desire to eat and no sense of hunger. The calories are being burned to produce growth, including muscle mass, but not to product fat.

I saw a website that looks like your's. Is that your company?

No! That look-alike website is NOT affiliated with Celeste's Pure HCG For Health in any way!

The HCG that website is selling is super weak by comparison. As of the time of this answer he won't even show you a picture of what he is actually selling - though his prices higher. There also are NO support supplements although his prices higher without them. He is so arrogant he even charges people $7 a month for the "honor" on being able to post on his blog!!! He even went as far as to send us sneering emails how he is making hundreds of thousands of dollars doing what he's doing. He also has a "F" rating (the lowest possible) with the BBB Better Business Bureau. Since our total packages costs us a lot of money to provide while his single who-knows-what-it-is HCG is cheap - while he charges higher prices - he probably is making a killing off of people he fools like he brags about.

That website is EXTREMELY offensive to us and DON'T be FOOLED (please!). He is NOT affiliated with us and we are not associated with him IN ANY WAY!

How is the HCG used?

6-8 drops 6 times a day. In extreme instances you can double this, but be careful about that. Do NOT use more than double. Because what most are selling as "HCG" is SO watered down, they will tell you that you can use as much as you want with no risk. ANY product like that is a worthless product obviously. It means it is so weak it isn't really doing anything. Celeste's mega potency triple HCG complex is very potent and you must NOT exceed more than twice the daily usage level and then only rarely.

Does Your HCG come pre-mixed?


Why all the extra supplements?

First, remember they are free. They are included so that you receive not only a vastly more effective HCG but also all the extras for less than you would pay someone else for ineffective watered down HCG only.Nearly everyone selling HCG online now are affiliate sellers that are selling watered down junk HCG. They only want money and will say anything to get it. We want you to LOSE WEIGHT!

The reason for the extras is simple. WE WANT YOU TO WIN! We WANT you to lose weight. We WANT you to use EVERY way possible to do it. The only way to do that is to GIVE YOU everything you need. WE PERSONALLY KNOW how disheartening it is to fail at a diet program. WE LEARNED THE HARD WAY that the only way to seriously lose weight is to use every legitimate technique AT THE SAME TIME rather than try one way, then another, then another.

Celeste' UNIQUE HCG program combines methods all that support each other as THE most effective weight loss plan possible.

Who can use the diet?

The treatment works for everyone. You are not to old or too young. The exceptions are if you are pregnant or nursing. You should never mega diet in those circumstances.

Are there any side effects with using HCG?

If you follow Celeste's total system there are significant side effects. The side effects are that you will feel great, have gobs of energy and be very mentally alert. There are no negative side effects.  

Does it have to be refrigerated?

Yes. Within 10 days of receiving it or when you open it, whichever is first.

To be honest most other companies put a large amount of alcohol in their HCG so it doesn't have to be refrigerated. But the alcohol destroys the HCG. They don't care. They just want your money. It also may be necessary for them to use alcohol if they are using mice or rat originated synthetic HCG - most do.

Celeste's HCG and HCG program is serious. It's not just hyped up marketing. Yes, within a few days or after you receive it, you must store your HCG in the refrigerator. This is because it is very potent and ACTIVE Human originated HCG - the most powerful HCG on earth.

How much weight can I expect to lose?

Weight loss varies across time. Usually there will be a lag, then rapid lose and then another lag. Lose can vary from 1/2 pound to 3 pounds a day. Anyone who has dieted seriously will tell you that the first 10 pounds and the last 10 pounds are the most difficult to lose. 

Is it healthy to lose weight that fast?

The fact is that if you follow most just-HCG diets other are selling, it is unhealthy and - candidly - you will probably fail too. When you lose weight this quickly as with Celeste' HCG program, you run a serious risk of your body becoming dangerously depleted of essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids PLUS your thyroid can cease to fully function too.

In addition to health risk, your body will SLOW DOWN how many calories you are burning and will create appetite in an attempt to replace lose essential nutrients - two reasons then your diet fails.

Celeste's full program is not only maximum weight lose as fast as possible, it also is VERY HEALTHY for you. You not only are shedding unhealthy fat, you also are loading yourself up with all the ingredients to maximize internal physical health and even your mental health.

Will it affect my sex drive or ability?

Possibly but not negatively. HCG is a sex-related hormone. Some believe using it in pure form (Celeste's HCG does, others do not) can increase a person's limbido (sex-drive) - particularly in women. It is fairly documented that HCG can increase the likelihood of pregnancy for the same reason. So if you don't want to become pregnant use the appropriate preventatives. However, HCG will not counter-act birth control. Some also believe HCG increases the output of sex pheromones (natural sex attraction excretions). So, potentially, the desire to have sex and the options to have sex (attractiveness) MAY increase. However, we do NOT offer this as a sex-drug.

It also is difficult to measure cause and effect. When a person starts feeling great, has the increase in self confidence that weight lose brings, and the added attractiveness of you to so many more people, it is almost impossible to determine what caused the increase in sexual desire and ability.

Beyond specifically relevant to HCG, the ENORMOUS improvement to your health will improve both sex-drive and ability (plus attraction!)

Remember, Celeste' Mega HCG Triple complex is MUCH more powerful than others sell. So the results also can be MUCH more dramatic. We do warn that significant lose in weight usually will DRAMATICALLY alter your life. Celeste's Total HCG Package is VERY SERIOUS STUFF - so keep your head in your decisions as you shed pounds.

What about the 500 calorie diet?

We include The Complete HCG Program Guide and Recipe booklet PLUS a link to Dr. Simeon's Pounds and Inches E-book to download or print PLUS a HUGE list of cool and easy recipes for a lot of variety.

Will you be hungry on 500 calories a day?

It is common for mild hunger during the first few days. This should pass IF you are following the full program. Within a week or two you diet pattern has changed and your overall your sense of food wants has changed dramatically. BUT it is critical that you use the TOTAL PACKAGE - ALL THE SUPPLEMENTS - and not JUST HCG! Yes, many affiliate seller websites promise you otherwise, but you MUST have all the elements working to deal with the sensation of hunger and to avoid it. Then it not a matter of hunger, but rather reconditioning your eating routine.

Is the B-12 critical?

Yes, absolutely. It is not included in the package just in case you opt for B-12 injections by needle. Most do not but a few do. If so then you would have no use for the sublingual B-12. (Sublingual means putting it under your tongue.)

So instead of including it (just in case you instead use B-12 injections), we offer it at an EXTREMELY low price. VERY LOW! Remember, while there are pills with B-12 in it, you body WILL NOT ABSORB B-12 from your stomach. THOSE PILLS ARE WORTHLESS.

So to have an HCG diet work fully, you MUST either 1.) get B-12 injections or 2.) take B-12 under your tongue.

The HCG diet involves: 1. Suppressing appetite. 2. reducing your intake of calories. 3. Burning calories. The reason for the extensiveness of Celeste' package is that unlike other HCG programs, her's also places HUGE effort towards burning off the fat. Otherwise the diet works too slowly - if at all - because you just slow down to match your reducing the intake of calories.

Why is Acai included?

The Acai diet is an entirely different diet approach that has been featured on Oprah and by many movie stars. It works. Celeste's includes it in her HCG package as part of her concept of "maximum effort weight lose." If you search Acai you find most sell it for a VERY high price and, worse, most try to sell it in liquid form (meaning very diluted).

If you understand Celeste's program and this specials website, you realize that others are trying to sell you a single product at an extreme price (so they can pay all their affiliate sellers) - but Celeste is trying to help you lose weight as fast as possible and by selling directly to you - not through others or affiliates.

If others sell it for as much as $50 a month, why is our's free in the package? Because we want you to use it! Why? We WANT you to lose weight, not just buy something from us.

This is why her program is so all-inclusive (and successful!)

I'll let you in on a secret. This is NOT our main product line. We don't HAVE to make gobs of money on this and we are NOT MLM sellers who only care about money. We have customers and clients for our other product lines. To share with them our (and my own!) personal success with the HCG diet protocol, we began offering this to our own regular customers. It is made EXCLUSIVELY for us and our customers - and it is NOT CHEAP! We spend over $6,000 JUST for the raw HCG ingredient  and over $7,000 for the organic germanium sesquioxide just last month alone - and we don't sell that much like the mega-advertising MLM marketeers do. That does not include how much all the other support supplements cost us too.

One of the HCG affiliate sellers sent us raging and sneering emails because we were selling our very costly HCG formula much cheaper than he was charging for his watered down HCG. It made us angry to think of ALL THE PEOPLE facing the weight problems I did being tricked and scammed. How many times was I scammed while I was trying to lose weight myself by con-artists? So we decided to do something about it and offer this online to everyone for a fraction what others charge and in higher potencies than anyone else even comes close to.

We want you to have EVERY TOOL you need IF you are serious about reaching your weight goal. If you aren't, then buy their cheap, watered down HCG instead because it mostly is just water and alcohol anyway. I don't know how else to put it. We're on your side because we've been there ourselves. We know that IF you are committed you can do it with our total package. We know that most other HCG sold online is so watered down and overall the program incomplete that your diet will crash and burn. They're posting dozens or hundreds of fake testimonials won't change that.

Why Glandular and Thyroid support?

The thyroid is often called the "master gland." Do you know what happens if your thyroid gland shuts down? One thing that will happen is that you would gain weight VERY FAST! Your thyroid is like a calorie burning speed regulator. If you maximize thyroid performance you also are maximizing burning off fat.

Why the big deal about vitamins and minerals?

Because it is a very big deal when maximum dieting. When you are seriously overweight, you really don't need calories. All that fat is usable calories and that is what you want to burn off. BUT you fat does NOT contain essential vitamins, minerals and amino acids. So when you seriously reduce calorie intake, you also reduce intake of essential nutrients. You MUST provide those. The more you do, the less you need to eat at all.

If you deplete on vitamins, minerals and amino acids, your whole body will slow down and you develop an extreme desire to eat - ANYTHING - because your body is starving. But it is not starving for calories. It is starving for essential nutrients. So if you deplete on vitamins etc, your body slows down so you burn few calories, you have no energy and you increasingly feel hungry.

One aspect of successful dieting also it to make you VERY HEALTHY. Again, if you have a lot of fat you really don't need calories. Those are the calories your body will burn use and burn off during your diet. But you do need to remain active and maximize calorie burning. The easiest way to burn off fat and calories is to maximize the functions of your body. The support supplements of Celeste's program do just that. NO ONE offers this complete a program. But the full-effort of it is why it works and others do not.

What is the greatest benefit of the program?

Besides losing weight FAST? The greatest benefit is that when you are successfully you will feel so great you'll want dance on your toes! This is more than the extra weight is like carrying a bag of bricks all the time. It also has to do with mental energy and a fired up body that wants to go and do things! HUGE levels of self confidence and pride. The wonderful sense of accomplishment.

Remember, Celeste's HCG program isn't just putting some drops of a single product under your tongue (only a fool would believe that really would work). It is the total weight lose and energy up package. If you are TRULY serious about losing weight and changing your life, this is the way to do it.

 What about all the fake doctors photos on other websites?

I don't write this to be cruel, but the sad fact is there are some really stupid people in the world. That's just a sad fact. Those websites are preying on stupid people to try to take their money. That's my opinion anyway. Why on earth would anyone pay $50 or $100 for a tiny bottle when they won't even tell what's exactly in it other than saying it's HCG and using a fake doctors photo to sell it? Don't be one of their next victims and then all the pain and frustration of the next failed dieting. Yes, they DO make up false testimonials too. Do you think someone putting up a fake doctor's photo wouldn't?

What is our return policy?

We ship very fast. We will not refund a purchase after we have shipped it because we could not sell it to anyone else for their safety even if returned. It is sad to think, but there are people who buy products and then replace the contents with water or otherwise change it. If you change your mind you MUST contact us BEFORE we mail it.

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                        BEWAREWHAT TO BEWARE OF ONLINE!  - BEWARE

They are not free at all. They want your credit card number. Then if you don't return it within so many days, they take a huge amount of money out of your bank account. Some will take it out every month. It is a terrible trick and rip-off. Nothing is 'FREE" if they want your ATM/Credit card number.

PLEASE don't fall for that! RUN from those websites. They want YOU to agree to pay them $5, $7, $10 a month - forever - to be given the privilege of being on their forum. Sometimes they'll claim it is then 24/7 live support. What is it really? 24/7 trying to sell you other stuff - and YOU pay for THEIR sales pitch to you month after month, year after year.
THAT'S CRAZY! Every month they take money from YOUR bank account for YOU paying them to try to sell you gobs of other stuff! Mostly they are trying to sell you junk. You can save hundreds of dollars just buying the complete hcg kit from us - for less than they want just for the hcg - and their's isn't even close to as concentrated or effective.
NEVER, EVER buy ANYTHING from a website that wants you to pay ANY monthly fee even if just a few dollars. It's an awful scam. YOU DON'T PAY FOR THEIR ADVERTISEMENTS for other products - and that is what it really is!