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Yes, you can lose over 30 lbs in 30 days!
"I lost 80 lbs and 5 dress sizes with the HCG weight lose program and HCG delivered everything promised and more! I feel fantastic!
             Sherry S.

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Why do clinics and practioners pick Celeste' Pure HCG kits?
<>JUST LAST WEEK ALONE (February 21-27th ) HEALTH AND DIET CLINICS placed orders for 48, 50, 24 and 15 kits from us. Many others ordered from 2 to 10 sets. Of course, they'll probably mark up the price 300% to 500% plus their clinic fees! But those clients STILL will be happy for the life transformation that will come. Nothing is a bargain if it doesn't work. In fact, it just is depressing when it doesn't leaving you feeling helpless and defeated.

Our sublingual HCG is THE most potent you can buy and is made with the most expensive form of HCG - obtained only from USA human sources. Our TOTAL kit also includes ingredients you do not find anywhere else. Germanium Sesquiodixe - also one othe most expensive of all supplements. AT NO CHARGE we include the well-known Acai capsules and AT NOT CHARGE the total spectrum thyroid glandular support compound. We not only will give you a link to the HCG Protocol, but also include a very convenient HCG diet book - plus a larger HCG diet receipt book online. 

THERE ARE REASONS that doctors and practioners order from us including those above!

We are NOT a con-job business. We are NOT multi-level marketing. We are NOT affiliate sellers.

We aren't like the other HCG websites you see. Look carefully first (BUT BOOKMARK OUR PAGE OR PUT IT ON YOUR DESKTOP SO YOU CAN COME BACK.)

HOW ARE WE DIFFERENT? You can check it for yourself! Really, here's how:

Search "HCG" on the search engines. Click on ALL the websites at the top and top of the sides. Most of those are the scam and affiliate websites. They use fake medical doctor pictures. They want you to subscribe to some monthly fee. They claim to offer a "free trial" - but want your ATM / Credit card because it isn't free at all. They don't offer a total kit at all. But the are super expensive anyway. See for yourself before deciding.

We DO NOT put up photos of fake medical doctors. We DO NOT try to get you to subscribe to some monthly fee. We DO NOT try to do the scam "FREE TRIAL OFFER" to then hit your bank or credit card for extreme charges (most do that every month then too!) We DO NOT use HCG made from rodents or imported from China. (Don't fall for "made in America" claims. That don't mean the HCG is from the United States or from Human sources. It just means it was bottled here.)

The reason clinics order from us is they look PAST the hype and fake pictures and all the scam stuff. They know what matters in terms of what works. And they had ordered from us before so they know it's legit. Isn't that what MOST matters?

How are we different?

What we are now offering DIRECTLY TO YOU is the most complete, advanced HCG weigh-lose kit anywhere - the TOTAL PACKAGE - to absolutely maximize your success - and at a tiny fraction of the cost you'd pay a clinic or online for all the components and ingredients. YOU CAN NOT BUY AS POTENT OF HCG COMPLEX ANYWHERE ELSE. We also don't tell you it's going to be easy like other websites like to promise. Rather, we are making every resource available to you to maximize your ability to succeed - but it ultimately comes down to your commitment.

<>Why do we do it? First, we are here to stay - not just make a fast buck and disappear. Second, we have lived this ourselves. We fought the weight-lose fight - we know it is critical - we know it isn't easy - and we went through all the junk and scammy stuff first and all the frustration it brings. Finally, we'd rather sell a legitimate full kit at a fair price to 20 people, and then they try to make virtually a pure profit off of scamming 1 person with a junk product that costs a nickel to make. We're on your side because we've been there ourselves. WE WANT TO EMPOWER YOU!


1. Bookmark this website or put it on your favorites. It WON'T always appear on the first page of search engines and can become impossible to find - then

2. Search "HCG" on the search engines to see the scammy other websites, how little they offer and how much they charge for that little. (If you do, you'll come back - so BOOKMARK or PUT OUR WEBSITE ON YOUR DESKTOP FIRST.)

(To put an icon to our website on your desktop, just right click your mouse. Then click on "CREATE SHORTCUT" or "BOOKMARK." If you bookmark it, you can find it then by going to the top of your screen and clicking on bookmarks. If you created a shortcut, there will be an icon on your desktop opening screen. You can eliminate in anytime by right clicking on it and then clicking on "delete.")



Finally I DID IT!

I tried every diet there is. It just depressed me. I’m so glad I gave it one last try. I’m glad you convinced me to do everything at one time. The wonderful part was buying all new clothes! Thank you!!!!!


I put a mirror on my door!
Maybe it sounds crazy but because of the HCG diet results I put a full length mirror on my door. I hated mirrors before

Randi, Tulsa OK

…people treat me so different…Prepare to be amazed!
I am amazed at how different people treat me since I lost 93 pounds. I also realized how much crap I had taken off of people before! Even from my boyfriend. Hey, I don’t need him anymore because I get my pick now! Anyone who does the full HCG program better prepare to be amazed!
Kristi M.


Lost 46 pounds in 50 days on the HCG diet.
I lost 46 pounds in 50 days and its not coming back. Thanks Celeste.

I’m melting away…

At first I wasn’t sure it was working but I wasn’t really doing it all. Then I got serious and it was like I was melting!

I never thought it was possible.

Sherri J. Las Vegas, NV

 I’ve lost 106 pounds. How low should I go?
JI’ve lost 106 pounds. Its become so easy I’m wondering how low should I go?

Carrie S., Milwaukee, Wi


I feel like I can fly!

The change in my life is so strange. I feel like I can fly I’m so lightweight. Its awesome.

Ashley B.

Dumped my boyfriend FINALLY!

My boyfriend was always treating me like I was fat. Sometimes he’d tell him that. When I had lost 63 pounds I realized I didn’t’ even want him anymore. So I dumped my boyfriend FINALLY! So that was another 200 pounds I lost IN ONE DAY! LOL That was the best weight lose of all!


In first two weeks I lost 18 pounds

28 dayMy husband was skeptical. Now he is on the HCG diet program too. Thank you.

Monica, San Diego, CA


Lost 36 pounds before my wedding.

I lost 36 pounds before my wedding in 32 days. Everyone was amazed and the wedding photos are great. 

Terri S.

My friend and I are having a contest

My friend and I are having a contest to see who loses more weight.  I've lost 38 pounds in 40 days. She has lost 51 pounds!  We both are winning.
Ashley J, Dallas


I bought new clothes today!
Day 20 and a total weight loss of 23 pounds. It felt really great to go buy new clothes.


I'm feeling amazing!!

About a week left and 9 pounds away from my goal. The 130's were great but I want the 120's now. I'm feeling amazing! I fit into a size 26 inch waist today!
Ashley R.


So easy with HCG!
32 pounds in 45 days. I thought it would be hard but it wasn’t.

Tom, Chicago


I was almost fooled

I was almost fooled by a website that looks exactly like yours. But I saw that one doesn’t have a full program like you or what you have. The price that one wanted was ridiculous too. Glad I didn’t fall for it.

Kevin Bedford, Illinois


Thank you for talking me into being serious

I’m glad I found your website because it is the first one that makes sense. I never believed just using magic drops would work. Your total system is the first one that makes sense to me. So far its working great.


I was scammed by another company

I was scammed by another company like they are pretending to be you. All I got was a little dropper bottle and nothing else. It didn’t’ do anything. I was about to give up and then figured it out. I feel stupid for being tricked by them but at least I found your website again. There should be some way to warn people about them better.

Natalie J


I lost 73 pounds!!!
I lost 73 pounds! I am taking a break before i lose my last 15 pounds!
Laurie S.

I am a faithful customer!

HCG is the only thing that worked for me. Its so easy after you get going. Tell everyone that the full HCG program works!


I lose 34 pounds in 25 days!
I lost 34 pounds in 25 days and am still losing more!

I love Your HCG protocol!
I love your HCG protocol. I lost 19 pounds in the first 30 days. I’m a single mother and I really needed to lose wegith to give some relief to my back. I felt exhausted all the time. Finally I have energy and feel alive again.

Your HCG is a fantastic!!!

Iwe tried Nutra-System, Jenny Craig, and I think all the rest. They would maybe work for a while but didn’t last. I’ve lost 17 pounds in 12 days. My husband has lost 14. It gets easier everyday. Your HCG program is fantastic!!!
Tammy B

I’m never hungry anymore
Hi, I was afraid that I would always feel like Im starving on a 500 calorie diet. At first it was hard but that soon changed. I’m never hungry anymore. In the first month I lost 41 pounds and have almost that much more to go. I already am the lowest weight I’ve been in over 10 years.

Edward T

Hard to believe
I found it hard to believe that I could lose weight. After I read your website it made sense because it isn’t just a single way. After already losing 37 pounds I’m a believer!
Susan H.

I lost 93 pounds
I lost 93 pounds in 80 days. I slacked off a little so am just holding my ground for now. I’ll start back next month. I will reach my goal in two months.

Kim K, Cleveland, OH

Thank you so much!
Thank you so much Your HCG! I look and feel great!
Nicole S.

This is the easy diet plan

Your HCG program is the easiest diet plan I’ve ever been on and the most successful.  love Your HCG. I have lost easy some pounds that I was not able to get away with any other diet.
Janice D, Clearwater, FL

I thought about getting HCG injections
SI thought about getting HCG injections. Then I found out they want $750 a month! I tried you program instead and I’ve been losing weight since. I think it is because you have all the support stuff to go along with it.


I feel like a kid again

At 58 and a grandmother I was feeling like a dinosaur. After losing 51 pounds I feel like a kid again. Its not just losing the weight. I feel young and have so much energy now. Before I was tired all the time and felt old. This is the best overall program and not just weight lose program. You should put this on television so everyone could find it.

It may be to soon to know for sure
It may be to soon know if I’ll reach my goal or not. But I’ve lost 8 pounds in 7 days. This is really building my confidence and that’s making it easier.

Diane, Shreveport, LA


DI went dancing
DI WENT DANCING! I HADN’T BEEN DANCING IN 20 YEARS! Thank you for your wonderful products.



No, its not ok to be fat!

My grandson didn’t mean to hurt my feelings when he told me its ok that I’m fat. That is first time I realized that I wasn’t just full figured or big framed like all those excuse words. I was fat and no, its not ok. I’ve just started your HCG weight lose program and it seems to be working. It is very difficult to find the words of gratification to step on the scale and weight less than I did the day before day after day.
Chris, Brooklyn, NY

Guys are looking again!
I had forgot what it is like when guys look at me because they didn’t anymore. After losing 48 pounds on your program they are looking again and its great.
Mary G, Clevis, NM

I was in total depression

I was in total depression. I weighed almost 200 pounds and it all my relatives are fat. Everyone kept telling me there was nothing I could do about it because it was genetics. They were telling me that I was just going to get fatter and fatter. I was in total depression. Since going on your diet program I’m losing weight fast. Relatives keep telling me that its not natural for me to not be heavy but screw that! I am going to control my life not genetics.
Celeste Youre a life saving.


A friend told me about you

TA friend of mine told me about you. There is another woman at work who suddenly was losing weight. Everyone notices. Mostly the guys. She said it is due to using your HCG products. So I’m ordering. You’re probably going to get a lot of orders from this because we’re seeing it with our own eyes. Wish me luck!

Terri L, Williamette, OR

66 pounds in two months

I’ve lost 66 pounds in 2 months. I was skeptical at first and sometimes cheated on the diet. But as time when on it became easier to stick to it. I’m already down to a size 6 and don’t have the sagging skin everyone said would happen. I don’t have the appetitite I had before so its easy to stick to the HCG diet guidelnes. This has changed my whole life for the good.

Shannon R

If everyone knew
If everyone knew how good your diet program works youd be swamped with business. I’m telling everyone I know!  (37 pounds in 30 days).

Lynn K, Joplin, MO

Motherhood doesn’t mean be fat!

It was like everyone was telling me that because I had children now I just have to be fat. I was never fat! Ever! Motherhood doesn’t mean be fat! Suddenly to everyone I was just this fat mother of children. I HATED IT! I REALLY REALLY HATED IT! Your weight lose program is working so well for me. I’ve already lost 28 pounds and it hasn’t been all that difficult to do.


(Are you next? Send us YOUR testimonial. YOU CAN DO IT. (I did!)

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                        BEWAREWHAT TO BEWARE OF ONLINE!  - BEWARE

They are not free at all. They want your credit card number. Then if you don't return it within so many days, they take a huge amount of money out of your bank account. Some will take it out every month. It is a terrible trick and rip-off. Nothing is 'FREE" if they want your ATM/Credit card number.

PLEASE don't fall for that! RUN from those websites. They want YOU to agree to pay them $5, $7, $10 a month - forever - to be given the privilege of being on their forum. Sometimes they'll claim it is then 24/7 live support. What is it really? 24/7 trying to sell you other stuff - and YOU pay for THEIR sales pitch to you month after month, year after year.
THAT'S CRAZY! Every month they take money from YOUR bank account for YOU paying them to try to sell you gobs of other stuff! Mostly they are trying to sell you junk. You can save hundreds of dollars just buying the complete hcg kit from us - for less than they want just for the hcg - and their's isn't even close to as concentrated or effective.
NEVER, EVER buy ANYTHING from a website that wants you to pay ANY monthly fee even if just a few dollars. It's an awful scam. YOU DON'T PAY FOR THEIR ADVERTISEMENTS for other products - and that is what it really is!